Surprisingly Sweet Summer

We embraced the summer spirit by creating three seasonal, non-dessert dishes that combine your favorite cheeses with an unexpected surprise of sweetness.
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Stewardship and Sustainability at Marin French

As California cheesemakers, we feel a deep responsibility towards the unique environment we’re lucky enough to call home.
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Cheese Tasting 101

Nearly everyone loves cheese, and if pressed to answer, most people would say they love it because it’s delicious. While there’s nothing controversial about that statement, have you ever thought about why cheese tastes so good?
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Holiday Pairings

Festive Cheese Recipes & Pairings for Your Holiday Celebrations

Let's be honest: The average holiday spread could use just a little bit more cheese. We came up with three festive recipes that meld familiar, beloved flavors with a touch of Marin French magic.
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West marin

Spend a Delicious Day in West Marin

If you love food and are looking for things to do in beautiful West Marin, allow us to be your guides.
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The Story of Here: Bringing French Cheese Home to Marin

As the oldest cheese company in the United States, tradition and history are as much a part of Marin French Cheese Co. as the cheeses we make.
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