Suprême Brie Cheese

Marin French Cheese Co.’s Suprême Brie cheese is pure extra crème decadence with even more fresh cream added than our Triple Crème Brie wheels. This cheese is developed beneath a dome to ensure climate and humidity control, which allows it to form a very fluffy snow-white rind that doesn’t get pressed down by wrapping like a classic traditional brie. Under the downy, bloomy rind is a dense, fudgy texture that tastes of sweet milk with notes of fresh grass. Rooted in French cheesemaking technique, this is an artisan American cheese unlike any other. An absolute showstopper on a cheeseboard, we recommend you enjoy our luscious Suprême Brie cheese with others to experience it in its full glory.

Size: 14oz
Ingredients: Cultured Pasteurized Cow’s Milk, Pasteurized Cream, Salt, Microbial Enzymes.

Tasting Notes

Marin French Cheese Co.’s Suprême Brie cheese is a luxurious treat, having our highest level of cream added. The buttery texture and rich flavor should inspire moments of authentic pleasure and be an experience on their own. Simple pairings work well with this cheese, but no need to create any limits on your tasting adventure as this 14oz brie wheel allows you plenty of cheese to explore unique combinations.

  • Wine

    Like a majority of our brie style cheeses, sparkling wine or champagne will make a great wine pairing with this cheese. Bubbles offer versatile pairing options and the acidity helps carry the dense, buttery flavors on your palate while getting you ready for the next bite so you can keep coming back for more. Whether you like a more brut, dry sparkling wine, or fruit-forward and sweeter wine, find the right bubbles for you and they will likely still be great with our Suprême Brie cheese.

  • Beer

    For beer lovers we recommend a fruit forward wheat beer as a pairing option. A hard cider is also a great choice, with both dry or sweeter options, the notes of apple or pear highlight the sweet milk flavors and grassy undertones of this fudgy cheese.

  • Cheeseboard Favorites

    The incredibly fluffy rind of this cheese makes it perfect to build a cheeseboard around, incorporate into a “cheesecake” tower of brie wheels, or present on its own for a beautiful visual experience. Be careful when removing it from its dome because fingerprints will show on its delicate bloomy rind. For a perfect presentation, we use a spatula or knife to gently lift it from the base of its dome and place it on a board. Keep it simple with fresh fruits and nuts, your favorite jelly, or local honey.

  • Staff Picks

    Our Suprême Brie cheese is the clear favorite of one of our team members. Her favorite way to enjoy this cheese is with some candied walnuts and a smooth whiskey. The combination of sweet nuts, with sweet cream, with sweet heat are all balanced by the fresh milk and light notes of lemony grass that make for an unforgettable evening.

Recipe Suggestions

If you happen to have some cheese leftover after enjoying it on its own, the added cream in this brie wheel makes it a great addition to recipes. In recipes that call for butter, cream and cheese, consider this cheese to replace some of the other dairy ingredients. Added to a seasonal vegetable tart or quiche, especially great with caramelized leeks and onions, Marin French Cheese Co.’s Suprême Brie cheese is sure to add incredible flavor and richness.

Award Winning Artisan Cheese

    • 2018, Silver

    • 2017, Bronze

    • 2015, Bronze

    • 2014, Super Gold

    • 2018, Silver

    • 2017, Gold

    • 2016, Gold

    • 2015, Bronze

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