How long has Marin French Cheese Co. been making cheese?

Marin French Cheese Co. was founded in 1865 and we have been making cheese in the same creamery since then, making us the country’s oldest cheese company. Learn More.

Can we visit the property?

Yes, we welcome visitors every day, year round, except for major holidays. Our cheese shop and cafe is open daily from 10:00am-6:00pm during the summer and 9:00am-5:00pm during the winter. Enjoy a picnic by the pond, or walk around our grounds and take in the scenery of West Marin! Learn More.

Can we tour the creamery?

We are not currently offering tours of our creamery, but encourage visitors to stop by our store and enjoy the property.

May I bring my dog?

We do not allow dogs inside our shop, but they are welcome on the property. Please keep dogs leashed at all times and pick up after your dog.

May I use a grill on the property?

Open fires are currently prohibited. There is a BBQ area available to rent for groups. Please email cheesefactory@marinfrenchcheese.com for more information

May we picnic on the property?

Absolutely! Our grounds and picnic tables are for customers. The retail store has everything you would need for a great picnic, but you are welcome to bring some of your own provisions as well.

Are there bathrooms on the property?

Yes, we have restrooms on our property that are for customer use only. Please find the code at the bottom of your receipt after making a purchase.

Do you have gift cards?

We offer gift cards to be used for online purchases. Please find them here.

Can I use a gift card at the shop?

We currently only accept gift cards for online purchases, they are not accepted at our cheese shop.