Food Service

Brie Cuisine: Made with all-natural, fresh cow’s milk from neighboring Marin County dairies, Brie Cuisine is a single crème, fresh soft-ripened cheese. It has a young brie taste and versatile texture, ideal for hot and cold usages. Brie Cuisine is not oily and melts without separating. You can also crumble, dice, or shred it, which gives you a full array of possibilities. Brie Cuisine’s convenience and hot usage abilities make it a superior product, therefore a must for any chef and their kitchen
Traditional Brie 1 lb: Our Traditional Brie is crafted in the classic form. Made with authentic cultures and aged slowly, it develops the familiar Brie flavor profile redolent of sweet milk and mushrooms. Our Brie has the unmistakable buttery, rich texture and golden color reflecting fresh cow’s milk from neighboring Marin County dairies..
Triple Crème Brie 1 lb: Triple Crème Brie is everything a Brie-style cheese should be – smooth, creamy and elegant. Time honored techniques are used when crafting this soft-ripened beauty in small batches. The finished cheese reflects the high-quality local milk acquired from neighboring Marin dairies. This California original has a creamy paste, slightly sweet flavor and a velvety white rind that provides a delicate, tangy finish.