Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy & Milk Sourcing:
We are committed to engaging in sustainable cheesemaking practices that respect nature and our local environment.
Our all natural milk is sourced from local dairies within 15 miles from the creamery, and our cheeses are handcrafted without preservatives or additives. Our ingredients are rooted in authenticity, simplicity and honesty.
Milk Sourcing:
We have a fresh advantage at Marin French Cheeseā€¦
Fresh milk for our cheesemaking arrives at the creamery every day, and is never more than 24 hours from the milking parlor. We receive a blend from three dairy breeds (Jersey, Guernsey and Holstein) for extra creaminess and a balance of protein, fat and flavor. The milk travels less than 15 miles from neighboring farms in Marin and Sonoma counties, ensuring its freshness and excellent condition, a unique advantage that guarantees great tasting cheese.