Petite Breakfast Brie Cheese

We have been making our flagship Petite Breakfast Brie at Marin French Cheese Co. since 1865, contributing to our title as the country's oldest cheese company. For over 155 years this cheese has not only filled a need for healthy breakfast protein, but continues to be a favorite of both locals and visitors alike. Petite Breakfast follows the same cheesemaking process as our other brie style cheeses, but skips the aging room, making it a fresh brie without the white bloomy rind you traditionally see on this style of cheese. Sold fresh and young, it has a tangy flavor and a slightly springy texture, reminiscent of creamy cheese curds. Petite Breakfast Brie is the little cheese with the big history. It started as a protein filled breakfast alternative for failed gold miners turned dock workers in the late 1800s. As the Gold Rush came to an end and the San Francisco Bay had a sudden increase in population, there were not enough eggs to meet the need for a hearty morning meal for laborers to start their day. Our founder, Jefferson Thompson saw the need and created a breakfast cheese that is still true to its name but is now enjoyed any time of day!

Size: 4oz
Ingredients: Cultured Pasteurized Cow's Milk, Pasteurized Cream, Salt, Microbial Enzymes.

Tasting Notes

Petite Breakfast Brie is our oldest cheese with the longest history, and also our youngest cheese since it's a fresh brie that is unaged. It has a mild flavor that makes it easy to pair with a variety of sweet or savory flavors. It is great on its own, with a drizzle of honey, fruit jam, or pepper jelly, but the potential flavor combinations are unlimited!

  • Wine

    If you are staying true to the name and enjoying in the morning as breakfast cheese, sparkling wine is a perfect match, and a splash of juice won’t hurt either. We also suggest trying a crisp Sauvignon Blanc, the light acidic flavors will complement, not compete with each other for a refreshing pairing.

  • Beer

    A lighter beer is recommended for this cheese so as not to wash out any flavors. We suggest a wheat beer or lager to get the most out of your pairing and pick up the mild flavors of both the cheese and beverage.

  • Cheeseboard Favorites

    This is the perfect cheese to center a cheese board where you have sweet and savory elements since it goes well with both! Try a sweet and spicy pepper jelly that complements both fruity and earthy flavors to tie your board together.

  • Staff Picks

    Try the fresh brie style cheese on a crunchy baguette sliced or melted, add blackberry jam and thinly sliced prosciutto for an unforgettable treat.

Recipe Suggestions

If there is one cheese to pair with coffee, it's Petite Breakfast Brie. While often a very tricky pairing, the overall creaminess and lack of rind on this cheese reduces the chance that the bitterness in coffee will make for an unpleasant combination. If adding cream to your coffee, even better. Also great with tea to start your morning off right. For the ultimate breakfast, melt Petite Breakfast Brie into an omelet or scrambled eggs with seasonal vegetables like asparagus, and don't forget your breakfast beverage of choice!

Award Winning Artisan Cheese

    • 2023, Gold

    • 2022, Silver

    • 2019, Best of California

    • 2018, Gold

    • 2017, Silver

    • 2016, Silver

    • 2014. Bronze

    • 2015, WInner

    • 2018, 2nd Place

    • 2016, 3rd Place

    • 2010, 2nd Place

    • 2018, Silver

    • UK 2013, Bronze

    • UK 2009, Gold

    • 2009, Best US Cheese

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