Petite Camembert Cheese

Marin French Cheese Co.’s Petite Camembert is a unique small format of our classic French style Camembert cheese. Complex with earthy aromas of mushroom, a creamy paste is enrobed in a velvety bloomy rind. This soft cheese uses a different blend of cultures from our brie style cheeses. Part of our Petite Classic Collection, this cheese is true to our California-crafted, French-inspired roots. It combines our heritage of traditional cheesemaking with an innovative 4oz size wonderfully convenient and versatile for the modern cheese lover. Perfect for a picnic or cheeseboard for two, snack connoisseurs will not want to miss out on our Petite Camembert.

Ingredients: Cultured Pasteurized Cow’s Milk, Salt, Microbial Enzymes

Tasting Notes

Marin French Cheese Co.’s Petite Camembert has a mild savory flavor, but isn’t overpowering, opening up the soft-ripened cheese to some nice pairing options. Make sure you are serving at room temperature to allow the tempting aromas of this cheese to bloom, and please don’t be scared to eat the rind - its thin, tender texture adds to the tasting experience of Camembert. While decadent on its own, it also melts beautifully and can be incorporated into many cheesy recipes for an extra depth of flavor.

  • Wine

    A little more robust than our brie style cheeses, our Camembert cheese can stand up to a variety of wines. Try California Rhone-style red blends that can vary from full bodied with notes of pepper and spice to lighter fruit forward profiles, the beauty of blends is they keep it interesting for a delightful tasting experience. If looking for a white, a Gewurztraminer or fuller-bodied, aromatic wine can be a great compliment to the soft cheese.

  • Beer

    Darker beers like a Stout, Bock or Brown Ale that develop more intense flavors than lighter beers can work well with Camembert. A wheat beer or Saison can also bring interesting flavors to try alongside your earthy cheese.

  • Cheeseboard Favorites

    Petite Camembert is perfect for a cheeseboard for two, grabbing on your way to a picnic, or presenting with other cheeses for larger groups. It brings the flavor, but won’t scare off those in your group that are wary of the funkier fromages. This cheese develops more flavor as it ages so choose how you like to enjoy it: younger and firmer, or riper and robust. Some freshly sliced apple or Asian pear will offer some crunch and light sweetness for a delicious complimentary bite.

  • Staff Picks

    Fig preserves or fig mostarda spread directly on a wedge of Petite Camembert with a simple cracker or crostini is one of our staff’s favorite go-tos. Another team pick is taking the apple pairing one step further and enjoying Camembert alongside apple butter for a cheese plate perfect for after dinner- if you’re looking for something heartier, use this pairing atop a croissant or lightly toasted biscuit.

Recipe Suggestions

You can easily swap out Camembert for recipes that call for Brie or other creamy or soft cheese. For a recipe you’ll want to keep in your back pocket for any time of day, we recommend trying a Croque Monsieur or Croque Madame, a grilled cheese with ham and an optional fried egg. Crunchy bread, savory ham, and earthy, gooey Petite Camembert will have you making this dish on repeat.

Award Winning Artisan Cheese

    • 2023, Gold

    • 2022, Bronze

    • 2018, Gold

    • 2014, Bronze

    • 2013, Silver

    • 2010, 3rd Pl

    • 2015, Bronze

    • 2010, Silver

    • 2009, Silver

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