Petite Crème Brie Cheese

Marin French Cheese Co.’s Petite Crème is everything a brie cheese should be: smooth, creamy, and elegant. A smaller format of our award winning Triple Crème Brie, it has a thin white bloomy rind and tastes of rich, sweet milk. The foundation of our cheesemaking starts with old world techniques and the best French cheese recipes that we have developed over time to make our own California original artisan products. Handcrafted by our dedicated team at our historical creamery in Marin County, our Petite Crème gets cream from local dairies added to the milk for an extra decadent texture and flavor.

Size: 4oz
Ingredients: Cultured Pasteurized Cow’s Milk, Pasteurized Cream, Salt, Microbial Enzymes.

Tasting Notes

Marin French Cheese Co.’s Petite Crème is rich and creamy while being delicately balanced. To get the most out of your pairings with this cheese, choose items that will not overpower but instead enhance the nuanced flavors of the high quality milk and cream.

  • Wine

    Sparkling wine or champagne will always be a great pairing with a brie cheese. The light bubbles contrast with the cheese's rich mouth feel for an incredible tasting experience. Other wines that offer nice acidity but low tannins are also a great choice. Try an unoaked Chardonnay for a white option, or lighter Pinot Noir for a red wine to coax out some of the earthiness of the cheese and balance the intense creaminess.

  • Beer

    When pairing beer with our Petite Crème you can go many different directions. If you stick with something light and bright like a Pilsner you get a combination similar to that of a sparkling wine that cuts through the butteriness. Fruit forward or earthy beers are also delicious with a Triple Crème Brie cheese. From an IPA to a sour beer, the options for a tasty experience are boundless.

  • Cheeseboard Favorites

    A classic cheese board pairing with Brie will always be fresh fruit, but dried or preserved options will also be lovely. Try higher acidity fruits like berries to contrast with the velvety texture and rich flavor. This small format Petite Crème is also perfect for the top of a Brie Cake if looking for an impressive presentation of layered wheels of cheese.

  • Staff Picks

    Anyone own a blowtorch? One of our staff members does, and they have perfected the art of brûléeing for a dessert cheese plate that will blow your mind. Carefully slice off the white rind on the top of the brie cheese, sprinkle an even layer of sugar and hit it with that flame until caramelized and golden brown. We admit this may take some practice to perfect, but serve alongside some raspberries and a glass of sparkling wine and...chef’s kiss is all we can really say.

Recipe Suggestions

Petite Creme is great on a cheese plate, but what about creating an indulgently cheesy dessert? We love our Blackberry & Brie Galette with Candied Walnuts. This elegant yet rustic dessert blends the tangy sweetness of ripe blackberries, rich creaminess of Petite Creme and the delightful crunch of candied walnuts. Perfectly impressive for any occasion!

Award Winning Artisan Cheese

    • 2023, Silver

    • 2019, Silver

    • 2018, Silver

    • 2017, Bronze

    • 2016, Gold

    • 2015, Gold

    • 2013, Gold - Best of Division

    • 2023, Bronze

    • 2018, Gold

    • 2009, Silver

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