How long should the cheese be out of the fridge before serving?

It is best to leave your cheese out 30-60 minutes prior to serving for optimal flavor and texture.

How should I store the cheese?

Keep the cheese in the refrigerator in its original packaging until ready to enjoy. After opening, re-wrap in its original wrapping, cheese paper or wax paper. Read more.

How long is the cheese good for?

Please refer to the “Best By” date marked on each piece of cheese when determining when to eat your cheese and if it is still good. For a milder flavor, enjoy well before the date. If you enjoy a riper, more flavorful cheese, wait until it gets closer to its “Best By” date. It can still be enjoyed a little past this date for those who enjoy stronger flavors. Read more here.

Can we freeze your cheese?

We do not recommend freezing the cheese. Cheese is a living product with cultures that continue to ripen during its shelf life. Freezing the cheese kills the cultures, causing taste and texture to change. Check the shelf life before buying cheese to know how long you can keep it to avoid freezing.

Where can we purchase your cheeses?

You can purchase all of our cheeses at our shop in West Marin, or online at Northbaycreameries.com. You can also use our store locator to find a retailer near you!

Can we order your cheese online?

Yes, you can order our cheese through our online store