Festive Cheese Recipes & Pairings for Your Holiday Celebrations

A holiday table setting featuring Marin French Cheese Co. Triple Creme Brie in packaging, an unwrapped brie on a plate, and a platter of roasted sweet potato rounds topped with brie.

The many different fall and winter holidays have one thing in common: Food, and plenty of it. No matter which holidays you celebrate or which culinary traditions your family claims, there's a good chance that cheese is one of those foods. After all, nobody has ever been sad to see a thoughtfully arranged cheese plate at a party or family gathering.

But, let's be honest: The average holiday spread could use just a little bit more cheese. We came up with three festive recipes that beautifully integrate our soft-ripened, French-style cheeses into any holiday menu. These dishes meld familiar, beloved flavors with a touch of Marin French magic (a.k.a. cheese); they're perfect for updating your holiday meals without straying too far from convention. Plus, we've included suggested drink pairings to take each dish to the next level — or you can use our Cheese Pairing Tool to create your own.

Thanksgiving Triple Creme Sweet Potato Bites

Celebrate Thanksgiving In One Perfect Bite 

As the most food-centric major American holiday, a cheese board is already a mainstay of many Thanksgiving tables — so why not add a brie-based appetizer to be thankful for? That's the inspiration behind our Sweet Potato Rounds topped with Triple Crème Brie and Candied Pecan. These delectable little bites are sweet, savory, and rich all at once — kind of like a miniature Thanksgiving dinner. Serve them as part of an appetizer spread or as a side with the main meal; either way, they're sure to be a standout.

Suggested Drink Pairing: An oaky, buttery Chardonnay

Hanukkah Potato Latkes with Petite Ash

Make Hanukkah Even Brighter

For many families, Hanukkah is all about gathering with loved ones to light the menorah, exchange gifts, and eat latkes. Everyone's favorite potato pancakes are both delicious and symbolic: Eating oil-fried foods like latkes celebrates a miraculous event from over 2,000 years ago, in which a one-day supply of oil kept the Second Temple's menorah burning for 8 days.

If your family already loves latkes with sour cream and applesauce, our recipe for Latkes with Petite Ash, Cranberry Relish, and Rosemary just might be a new tradition in the making. This dish has all the tangy, fruity, and creamy flavors you expect, just slightly elevated; we think the visual appeal and earthy spiced flavor of our Petite Ash is a particularly lovely touch.

Suggested Drink Pairing: Sweet Lambrusco or a Lambrusco Spritz (bubbles + fried food = delicious, every time)

Christmas Petite Truffle Pastry Bites

Impress Your Christmas Party Guests

Christmas brings out the festive spirit in just about everyone, and that means lots of parties. (December might as well be National Holiday Party Month!) When it's your turn to host, make a batch or more of our Savory Puff Pastry Bites with Petite Truffle and Cranberry and wait for the compliments to roll in. These truffle-y brie appetizers are bite-sized, buttery, and incredibly impressive — but not overly complicated to make.

Suggested Drink Pairing: Your favorite Champagne or Prosecco with a splash of pomegranate juice (and/or pomegranate seeds) for a festive touch