Make a Meal Out of Cheese

Cheeseboards are perfect for entertaining a crowd—or just yourself

A cheeseboard isn’t just a party platter—it can be a full meal. You’ve got a little bit of everything: Veggies, fruit, bread, maybe some cured meats, and of course, cheese. If you’re dining solo, building a complete meal bite by bite is a nice change of pace from the same old dinners; if you’re planning a party, a cheeseboard lets you feed a crowd with minimal prep and zero time spent at the stove. There are literally no downsides!

There’s no wrong way to eat cheese for dinner, but we highly recommend picking a theme and sticking to it. A theme makes it easier to put your board together while still leaving plenty of room for creativity — not to mention the potential for planning on-theme activities. Here are three of our favorite cheeseboard themes to get you started.

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Elevated TV Dinner

This cheeseboard is all about luxury—but, like, the kind of luxury you can enjoy in sweatpants on the couch. A trio of Petite Bries (Crème, Truffle, and Suprême) mingle with salami coins, hot honey, and movie theater classics like popcorn and chocolate-covered raisins for a truly habit-forming TV dinner. Spread everything out on individual plates, snuggle up with your couch buddy, pour a glass of red wine, and get ready to indulge. Whether you pair it with a Criterion Channel double feature or a Vanderpump Rules marathon is entirely up to you.

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Breakfast for Dinner

You don’t have to go on vacation to a fancy resort in the south of France to enjoy the kind of breakfast you get at a fancy resort in the south of France. This cheeseboard plays with the “breakfast for dinner” concept in a fresh, exciting way—no waffle iron required.

It all starts with the cheese, of course. Our Petite Breakfast, Triple Crème, and Petite Breakfast bries bring a range of different textures and flavors to the cheeseboard, perfect for enhancing a fresh croissant. Add smoked salmon, cornichons, pickled onions, and fresh dill for an elevated take on a classic bagel platter, then finish it all off with tomato jam and extra-juicy cantaloupe—or any other fruit you love that’s fresh and in season.

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More Than Chips and Dip

Hosting a full-blown dinner party is not for the faint of heart, but anyone can pull off a cheeseboard for a crowd. This take on chips and dip has the best elements of a low-stakes get-together and an elegant—yet very cool—night out with friends.

This cheeseboard features the boldest flavors of the three, which is why we love it so much. Our Golden Gate washed-rind cheese, Petite Jalapeño Brie, and Petite Camembert set the tone with something a little funky, something spicy, and something extra-rich and creamy. Wavy potato chips, pistachios, tinned fish, and pretzels bring plenty of saltiness for balance, while dried fruit, crisp apple slices, and pickled veggies offer some welcome acidity. The finishing touch? A perfect Manhattan. The cheeseboard’s salty-sweet flavor combinations and rich textures are the ideal partner for a strong-yet-simple cocktail. (A negroni or dirty martini wouldn’t hurt, either, if you ask us.)